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Our team has developed a comprehensive vision that enables it to activate all levers to bring you expertise and innovative solutions.

Olivier Richer


Holding the position of Director of Quality and Safety Management Systems since 2016 at an air transport company specializing in charter flights, Olivier Richer has over 25 years of aviation expertise. Having progressed from an aircraft maintenance mechanic to a management role, his extensive experience encompasses helicopter operations, cargo logistics and commercial airlines, giving him a unique perspective on improving safety and quality management systems.

His practical experience is complemented by advanced training from institutions such as ICAO and IATA.

Renowned for his expertise in safety management systems, he is a pioneer in the integration of AI, raising industry standards. Through his visionary leadership and innovative initiatives, he is shaping the future of aviation safety and quality, setting the benchmark for the industry.

Mathieu Morin

Strategic Development Manager

Mathieu Morin fuses traditional aviation management principles with cutting-edge technology as Strategic Development Manager at CIRRUS Intelligence. With a background in management and finance from HEC Montréal, his career path reflects a strategic blend of aviation dynamics and financial expertise.

Since 2017, Mathieu’s experience in ground and airport operations have sharpened his ability to improve efficiency and seamlessly integrate technology. He is revolutionizing metadata analysis, crew planning and airport service management, driving efficiency and reducing costs.

Beyond strategy implementation, Mathieu focuses on customer growth, collaborating with operations managers and control teams to tailor solutions for operational excellence and profitability. His commitment to innovation and customer success embodies CIRRUS Intelligence’s ethics of excellence and strategic development.


Benoit Beauchamp

Skills Development and Training Specialist

Benoit Beauchamp brings an impressive 43-year tenure in the aviation industry to the table, marked by his steadfast dedication and extensive expertise. With 14 years of distinguished service as an aviation technician in the Canadian Forces, he has held pivotal roles as a coordinator and trainer for the transportation of hazardous materials.

His specialized knowledge in health and safety training is a cornerstone of his contributions, enabling him to deliver comprehensive guidance on both Canadian and American civil aviation regulations. Mr. Beauchamp’s commitment ensures strict adherence to industry standards, further bolstering operational efficiency and safety within the aviation sector.


Martine Lessard

Training Program Management Specialist

Martine Lessard began her career in aviation in 2006, and held key positions in operations until 2013. She specialized in conducting fitness-to-fly assessments and ensuring compliance with Transport Canada regulations.

Since 2013, Martine has focused on organizing and managing training portfolios for a well-known airline. She orchestrates training programs and simulator sessions, ensuring that they correspond to operational needs. Martine also oversees the implementation and follow-up of training initiatives.

Darragh Hyland

Senior advisor in airline safety and quality assurance

Darragh Hyland has a wealth of experience and an unwavering commitment to aviation safety and quality. With a degree in Aviation Management from Dublin City University, he began his career with the Irish Aviation Authority, where he specialized in air traffic management and safety regulation.

Committed to continuous improvement, he has taken specialized courses such as HFACS and IATA’s Aviation Internal Auditor training. He recently obtained his Canadian Commercial Pilot License, reinforcing his commitment to operational excellence and safety culture.

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