Launch of CIRRUS Intelligence:
New Consulting Firm Focused on Aerospace Innovation

April 16, 2024 marks the official launch of CIRRUS Intelligence, a newly established consulting firm dedicated to consult airlines, airports and aerospace companies through an ever-changing post-pandemic landscape. CIRRUS Intelligence distinguishes itself by its commitment to providing strategic, technological and regulatory advice specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of the aerospace sector, which is facing new challenges and emerging opportunities.

The global health crisis has exacerbated the scarcity of qualified personnel and expertise in the aviation field, a challenge to which CIRRUS Intelligence responds by offering essential support to companies wishing to make significant improvements or strengthen their regulatory compliance. The firm doesn’t just offer generic consultations: it provides targeted expertise and tailor-made solutions that respond directly to its customers’ specific challenges.


Olivier Richer, Managing Director of CIRRUS Intelligence, emphasizes the importance of the team behind the company:

“CIRRUS Intelligence benefits from an exceptional team of professionals, whose diverse aviation expertise is our backbone. Their in-depth understanding of the industry’s current and future challenges enables us to offer cutting-edge solutions tailored to our customers’ specific requirements.”


CIRRUS Intelligence offers consulting services in sustainable aviation strategies, aimed at assisting companies in adopting environmentally-friendly practices. This includes environmental impact analysis and the development of strategies to reduce carbon emissions. On the technological front, CIRRUS offers the implementation of predictive maintenance systems powered by artificial intelligence, as well as virtual reality training programs to improve operational efficiency.

In addition to the services offered, CIRRUS Intelligence provides aviation training services, designed to meet specific industry needs. Programs encompass advanced digital training modules and utilize data analytics for increased customization. These services ensure that aviation professionals are constantly equipped with the most up-to-date skills and knowledge, increasing their efficiency and competitiveness in this dynamic field.

In the face of a shortage of qualified resources, CIRRUS Intelligence is the ideal partner for maximizing operational efficiency, improving regulatory compliance and enhancing safety. With a wide range of expertise in the aeronautical field, the CIRRUS team offers invaluable support to companies wishing to carry out large-scale projects or comply with international standards and safety audits.

In its quest for constant innovation, CIRRUS Intelligence is also working on an innovative AI-assisted safety management system solution, aimed at simplifying and automating SGS reporting. This initiative has already led to a development partnership with Nolinor Aviation, illustrating the industry’s confidence in CIRRUS Intelligence’s cutting-edge proposals. 

At the dawn of new post-pandemic challenges, particularly in terms of sustainability and technological advances, CIRRUS Intelligence is asserting itself as a key contributor in guiding the aviation sector towards a prosperous and safe future.